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Climb & Surf Passion Package

Can't you decide which of your sport passions you want to pursue this holiday? Well, life is full of decisions but not with us!

Enjoy Rock Climbing, Surfing and Deep Water Solo or Bouldering - all in one week! Visit the Algarve for 7 days and pursure all of your favorite activities with us. It doesn't matter what experience you have, it matters what you want to explore or learn. Choose the ingredients and intensity of your holiday setup! Additionally, we provide different accommodations in the area of Lagos and Sagres.

7 Day Passion Package

Day 1 | Arrival
Day 2 | Surf
Day 3 | Rock Climbing Lagos Inland
Day 4 | Surf
Day 5 | Rock Climbing Sagres Cliffs
Day 6 | Deep Water Solo or Bouldering
Day 7 | Departure

Days & activities are adjustable!

Climbing in the Algarve?

You might not know that the Algarve offers sport and traditional climbing in different shapes, levels and colors. Difficulty ranges from III to 9a. The climbing routes are mostly on limestone. We provide trips and lessons for beginners and intermediates at scenic climbing spots near Lagos and Sagres. You might have indoor climbing experiences but the transition to the real rock was not in reach, well we are happy to support you on that journey!

Bouldering and Deep Water Solo

To boost the variety of your adventures, we also offer bouldering trips and deep water solo guiding. Bouldering routes in the Algarve are located at stunning beaches and offer challenges for both, beginners and advanced athletes. Deep water solo is more advanced climbing at an overhanging cliff with only wetsuit and climbing shoes on - no further gear. When you get tired climbing, you jump into the turquoise ocean with a splash and try again... For both sports we will take you to the spots, provide equipment and our guide will introduce you to the routes.

Surfing at stunning beaches

All the beaches in the Algarve are well known for their great surf. If we would tell you that we bring you to beaches that just the locals know, that would be a nice advertisement but a heavy lie. But to pick where to go depending on conditions is where the local knowledge applies. You can either choose a private surf session with us or join the surf classes of our handpicked partners. In either case, equipment, transfer and licensed surf guides will be part of the deal!

Days and activities are adjustable!

Please let us know in advance so we can prepare an offer for you. If you search for accommodations, we offer self catering apartments and have contacts to other accommodations around Lagos and Sagres.

  •     2 Sessions surfing
  •     3 Sessions climbing
  •     Equipment for all activities
  •     Transfer to the spots
  •     Qualified instructors
This offer requires at least 2 people.

Are you a climber and just need the gear?




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