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Thank you for your interest in our offers. We know we just do want to go on holiday but please read this important information before you book with us.


Is there a specified weekday for arrival, and on which day will the surf course begin?
You can arrive any weekday and join the surf course on any day of the week. We recommend to start the surf course one day after arrival. If you are a first time guest, the check in time is 13 a.m. to 10 p.m. . If you have stayed with us before, you can arrive any time you want.

Here is some important information you should read before you book.

Once you have confirmed the booking, 20% deposit has to be paid within 7 days and then your room is finally booked. The rest of the payment will be arranged on arrival – sorry, but we do not accept credit cards. It will be fine to pay in Euro upon arrival.

A number of cash machines are available in Lagos and Luz. Note that you only get 200€ with each withdrawal and a maximum of 400€ a day, which means that administrative charges of your bank could occur and you should consider bringing some cash with you.

The following amounts of the total holiday price will be charged if you cancel your Surf Experience:

20% of the total holiday price if you cancel more than 60 days before departure,
60% of the total holiday price if you cancel 30 to 59 days before departure,
80% of the total holiday price if you cancel 29 days or less before departure.

For information on how to find us click here.

If you arrive early in the morning and want to surf on that day, let us know about it in advance.

If you do not get our transfer service, please inform us about your approximate arrival time and call +351 96 406 2900.


How will the Surf Day Trip work?
For the general Surf Day Trip, you will be picked up at 9:15AM and the drop off is around 4-5PM. You will receive 3-4 hours of surf coaching plus extra time on the beach, and will be brought back to the camp in the afternoon/ evening.


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