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Rock Climbing Trip | Algarve

Enjoy rock climbing in the Algarve. We offer climbing courses and climbing trips. Whether beginner or advanced, top rope or lead climbing - we will make it happen for you!


You would like to go rock climbing in the Algarve? Take your skills and technique to the next level with us. Small groups, certified guides, scenic rocks and lots of great climbing make for a memorable and well-rounded experience.

Our main climbing locations are located near Lagos and Sagres. A number of beginner-friendly routes will get you some lime stone under your fingers. Both locations offer great options for top rope as well lead climbing. In the Algarve we are blessed with stable weather throughout the year and exceptional rock quality.

With 10 years of experience our primary goals are your safety and fun. Our internationally certified guides ensure unforgettable moments for participants at all experience levels. We guide small groups to guarantee a secure and high-quality experience. A small participant-to-instructor ratio allows us to tailor your trip to your individual abilities and preferences.

Climbing in the Algarve will spoil you for live. Join us!

  • Rock time 2-3 hours 
  • Fully qualified and friendly guides
  • Setup of the climbing routes
  • Transportation to the spots around Lagos and Sagres
  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel or meeting point
  • Rental of climbing equipment
Are you a beginner to intermediate climber and want to challenge yourself? Gather your courage for our Lead Climbing Course and start your lead climbing career in a unique and safe surrounding.

If you have previous experience in safe belaying and are able to climb a 4 onsight you are ready to embark on a new chapter full of growth and boundless enthusiasm.

PLEASE NOTE: minimum of 2 participants required for this course

  • 4 day course
  • Climbing gear (Helmet, Harness, Grigri, Rope, Quickdraws, Carabiner)
  • Introduction to belaying techniques
  • Background knowledge about your climbing gear
  • Clean & rebuild your routes
  • Qualified instructor & a good time

Would you like to share a breathtaking video of your rock climbing experience with your friends and family? Get in touch and we will first take you to the most scenic climbing spots and second launch a drone into the air to capture your strongest moves.

At our meeting point in Praia da Luz we will equip you with climbing gear and then transport you to the most stunning rock. While you and your partner enjoy 2-3 hours of climbing, our guide will record your adventure for 50 minutes with a drone. The next day you will receive amazing pics and videos.


  • Experience in safe climbing and belaying in the 5th grade
  • Top rope or/and lead climbing

If you like to get a high quality 4K video, we charge additional 50 € and you will receive the video the next day. Please add this in your booking.


We are in charge of your adrenaline schedule, your safety and will guide you to the most beautiful rocks in the Algarve.


Toto found his passion for rock climbing when he was a teenager. Being a safety fanatic and licensed rock climbing guide he brings the same joy to the rock as he did on his first day.


Elsa, our licensed climbing guide moves vertically for almost 10 years now. She loves to encourage climbers to expand their comfort zone and to see their splash after some strong deep water solo moves.


Maike is our climbing coach specialised on families. Her patience and positive energy make all of her trips a memorable and safe experience.

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